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Mentoring Relationships for Christian Women Leaders

"Therefore, my ... sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in       the Lord in this way, dear friends! Yes, and I ask you, my true companion, help these       women since they have contended at my side in the cause of the gospel."
Philippians 4:1-3 TNIV


The “Esther - Sisters” relationship program is designed to strengthen, protect, develop and encourage women leaders to fulfill their calling to build up the Body of Christ for the spreading of the Gospel in the world. It is a spiritual variation of a mentoring relationship identifying each person as either:

       Deborah:  Experienced, mature spiritual leader in the Body of Christ                            gifted in nurturing, or
         Esther:    Called of God as an emerging leader, eager to learn and grow    


                   Are you a Deborah?      
          You probably are a Deborah if you are . . .
~ successful at what you do
~ aware that Christianity is truly relational
~ always learning from your life experiences
~ challenged by something that will require your energy and wisdom
~ enjoying your relationship with God and with other believers
~ seeking ministry for which God prepared you
~ looking for a ministry that fits you
~ desiring a sense of significance that will make a difference in the lives of others
~ practicing the discipline and privilege of prayer . . .

          if so, then . . .
         There are Esthers for whom you can pray, care for and greatly bless!

                   Are you an Esther?
          You probably are an Esther if you . . .
~ had a feeling of destiny when you were younger
~ hunger to learn new things, discover talents and fine-tune your known skills
~ like friendships with people who genuinely care about your personal welfare and future
~ desire to know someone really wise whose had an amazing life and who you can admire
~ enjoy being with people who deeply know the Lord, hear well His voice and

   see their earnest prayers answered . . .
         if so, then . . .
   There is a Deborah with whom you can pray, share, learn, emulate, and honor.  

                                  You can be both a Deborah and an Esther                                     in different relationships and at the same time!

 Suggested Esther-Sisters  Format
Here is an order for a meaningful time together that has proved most effective:

+ After prayerful consideration to participate in an Esther-Sister relationship, a choice is made as to which role will be assumed, either as the  experienced leader, “Deborah,” or an emerging leader, “Esther.”

+ Two women agree about:
   *how they will meet - in person, by phone, online, video-conferencing etc.
   *how often - regularly on schedule, weekly, monthly, as needed, or any other 
   *location to meet - in a home, restaurant, church room, etc.
   *who calls who and when it is acceptable
   * initial length of time of  the relationship

+ When together, Deborah asks two suggested questions to open purposeful dialogue:
   *What are your priorities today?
   *What problems or issues are you facing?

+ After sharing, there is time for feedback and discussion
+ Praying together over the issues discussed, including prayer for each other
+ Discussion of future actions: 1 or 2 specific goals or actions is best
+ Affirmation of an agreement as to when and how to meet again

S.W.I.M.’s  “Esther Sisters”  Coordination Team prays over and connects potential “Sister” combinations when requested. The team is available for consultation at any time.

Download complete brochure here: ESTHER_SISTERS.pdf

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