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January 2018, SWIM Nation Call

Rev. Ruth Miller presented an amazing message this morning on the SWIM Nation Call about Grace and Truth.

Speaker Credits: Rev. Ruth Miller, Emeritus SWIM Board Member

Dr. Sheryl Giesbrecht, From Ashes to Beauty, Sheryl is a radio and television personality, author and speaker

Rev. Mary Lou Flesh, SWIM Board Member

March 2019 SWIM National Call

Watch Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner, author, speaker, and radio personality, as she speaks about the waiting room in "Hurry Up God." Sheryl gave an inspiring message of personal testimony and wisdom from the Lord when you're waiting for an answer from God.​

SWIM Nation Calls are free live one-hour teaching or inspirational programs which allow participants from across the nation to view and listen to speakers on a variety of Biblical topic. These calls are featured on links that are provided with each session.

May 2019 Swim Nation Call

"Your Descendants Shall Possess Their Christian Heritage."
Reclaiming our teens and adult children for the Lord

November 2018 Swim Nation Call

Watch and listen as Rev. Mary Lou Flesh shares visions from the Lord about giving thanks. She starts off with “Everybody gets in the water differently and how to see it from God’s perspective.” Then Mary Lou takes a through “flipping” commercials on TV to hear God’s words for you. And, finally looking for God’s presence in unusual places. Share this links with friends to bless this Thanksgiving.

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